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Hi everyone, as many of you know, I often do challenges in January and December to help you organise your home. The 21 Days to Get Organised series in January is always a big hit. And in December, I do an “Organising Advent” calendar for the few weeks running up to Christmas day. However, I was thinking lately about doing monthly organising for your home instead. Rather than short tasks, longer projects. Sometimes decluttering and organising articles can be a little ambitious on the projects they suggest in a given time period. So we thought what if you got a whole month to tackle one area? Would that be more manageable? Or would you end up leaving it to blitz as the month ends!

Let’s find out shall we! We’ve curated a 12 month plan with a different space for each month.

Obviously as it’s March, we’re starting a little late. But that’s ok. It’s not all about being perfect. You have two choices. Either just do the kitchen for the month of March and start from there. Or tackle the kitchen early in the month, and then use the later half of the month to catch up on January and February projects. Then you’ll be back on track. But there’s no pressure and no “right or wrong” way to do this.

If you find this tough going perhaps our help on-site with you in your home would be beneficial. Don’t forget you can have a free, no obligation chat with me to discuss your organising needs. Or indeed these projects may help you break the back of some things in your home & you’d like us to help take the organisation up a notch! Again, we’re happy to chat. Click here to arrange all that with us!

Here’s the monthly organising for your home plan & follow the fun infographic too!

January – Deep Clean

February – Bedrooms

March – Kitchen

April – Accessories – eg: shoes, winter/ summer accessories

May – Wardrobes

June – Bathrooms

July – Gardens, Sheds, Garages

August – Living Rooms & Hallways

September – Deep Clean

October – Paper

November – Bedrooms

December – Books

Tell us in the comments below how you’re going! And tag us on Instagram (@organisedchaosireland) too to let us know. We’ll be doing our kitchens too!

Yours in organising,

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