Organising the Holidays! Your FREE Pre-Travel Checklist



Summer is here and the summer holidays will soon be upon us! I cannot wait to take a break and have a bit of sun!

Whether you are travelling far or staying in Ireland – for three weeks or three days – getting organised for a trip away involves quite a bit of forward planning.




So this week, I’ve prepared a little Pre-Travel Checklist to save you the hassle of writing out a To-Do list.

I’ve listed some common tasks most people usually need to complete before a holiday. Having a checklist will remind you of what you need to do and confirm to you what you have already managed to get done.

If you need to, you can add in your own personal tasks that you might need to complete, such as shopping for medications and other holiday essentials, getting vaccinations etc.

With a checklist you can feel more organised and prepared for your upcoming holiday, knowing as you leave your home that you haven’t forgotten a thing!

There’s a link below to the checklist which you can download and print off whenever you’re taking a trip out of town. Or you could print it off once, laminate it and use a dry erase marker to use it over and over.

Download the FREE Organised Chaos travel checklist by clicking here: PreTravel Checklist


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Happy Organising & Bon Voyage!




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