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Back to School time is in full swing and there’s always a lot of organising to be done around this time. From school lists, to stationary to new routines, September is a busy time for families.

But it’s not just families that need to get organised at this time of year. Teachers do too!

A teacher’s desk – the hub of a classroom. With students coming up and down to it all day, there are a certain number of supplies every teacher needs close to hand.

One of our fabulous readers, a primary teacher, had enough of one of the drawers in her desk. So ahead of the school year, while organising her classroom, she got to grips with this desk drawer. And there are lot of organising principles (no pun intended!) here that we can all incorporate into every drawer we organise!

Here was the before:




There was the usual stationary suspects of course. But also, there were toys and craft supplies here too which are used for students who need extra tuition.

Our reader emptied out the entire drawer so as to have a clean blank slate to work with.

Going through the contents of the drawer, she removed anything broken, unused or not needed anymore.

Once she was left with the supplies that were important, it was time to decide on storage.

She opted for this storage box from Wham. These tackle boxes are extremely handy for a variety of things around a home or business because of the dividers within them.




You can find similar here in Homebase or Howard’s Storage World . You might also find them in Woodies and Homestore and More.

With this new storage, she also recycled some old lunch boxes – clear ones, which ticks the good organising box! Finally, she re-used an old sweet tin too.




The tackle box storage was used for all tiny stationary supplies that can really misbehave within a drawer. The clear solution means you can see exactly what you need inside it. You can also see in the photo here, the size of the storage matched the size of the item she needed to organise. See how the staple removers fit perfectly into the storage solution. Finally, items such a the teddy bear and pencil case don’t need storage around them as they’re sturdy enough to hold their own within the drawer. Another organising lesson that’s good to remember – not everything needs storage!

What a great job! I particularly love clear acrylic storage so I’m loving this drawer! A+ for organising!


Drawers whether they’re in a desk, press or cabinet are a great project to do if you want to organise something quickly.

If you’re attempting an organising project at home, let us know and you can be part of our You Love Organising section!! What are you organising at the moment?

Happy Organising!

Sarah x


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