Online D.I.Y. Service + Action Plan


Want to Declutter your space yourself? We’re here to help!

You might be on a tight budget or a little embarrassed about your space, don’t worry, we can give you guidance, a starting point and a plan to master your mess!

Get affordable, high quality online coaching to declutter and organise your home. Complete with your personalised plan, you will get motivation and expert help on how to deal with the clutter!

What is an Online Declutter It Yourself service? 

You know what to do, but we’ll show you how to do it! Our mini-service offers you access to expert organising advice via video conferencing facility Zoom to help you clear the clutter. You get expert help for an amazing price and it allows you to declutter at a time that suits you, working on it at your own pace!

The Benefits

  • Expert advice to get your room organised once and for all
  • Increased motivation to get started
  • Feel less overwhelmed with the job at hand
  • Stick with it and stay on track with our Action Plan


What’s included? 

1. A 60 Minute video call with Professional Organiser, Sarah Reynolds. 

During this video conference, Sarah will discuss and advise you on one single project. We will explore:

  • The organisational pain points that you are currently struggling with.
  • The challenges you have experienced to date with clutter
  • The efforts you’ve made in the past – what has worked/ not worked and why
  • Your goals for the space

Then using the phone/ computer camera, we go around the room, looking at every drawer, press and piece of furniture and advise you how you should go about organising it!

2. An easy to follow, personalised Action Plan 

Following the call, we’ll summarise our advice in an Action Plan that you can follow. It includes:

  • A clear layout of what’s working, what’s not working and your goals
  • Decluttering and organising tasks for the room
  • Advice and recommendations on furniture placement
  • Advice and recommendations on room layout
  • Suggested shopping list of storage products and links to help you easily find them


How Does It Work? 

  1. Via the link below, book a time for your virtual session and purchase the package
  2. You will receive an email confirming the booking and details on how to prepare for the video conference.
  3. Complete the 60 minute virtual session via Zoom with Professional Organising Consultant, Sarah Reynolds
  4. 24-48 hours later you will receive your Action Plan to use and follow
  5. Get started on your Action Plan and transform your space at your own pace!


Get in control of your clutter, stop procrastinating and let us help you get things done! Book in below!