Paper eCourse


Are you drowning in paper? Do you regularly pile paper up on the kitchen table? Are you avoiding working in your home office because of un filed paperwork?

Paper is one of the hardest things to get organised. It can multiply quickly and it’s difficult to know how to manage it.

Our online course gives you a brand new approach to dealing with paperwork!

In the course, I cover:

  • How to take control of paper FROM TODAY!
  • How to set up a system to catch incoming paper
  • How to make decisions on each piece of paper
  • How to use your To-Do list and calendar to clear paper
  • Step by step guide to declutter the back log
  • The different filing solutions available & how best to use them
  • How to maintain paper once all the hard work is done!

It includes:

  • 21 modules
  • 14 videos to follow
  • 5 downloadable PDF’s to use and keep
  • 5 exercises to help you get things done

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