Declutter It Yourself Experience


Are you finishing off a room and would like expert help for the final organisational touches?

Do you love organising and would like a consultation to bring your space to the next level of organisational heaven?

Are you on a budget but would like expert help and a plan you can work to yourself?

Are you happier working away on your project at your own pace but would love a plan to work to?

The Organise It Yourself Experience gives you a 30 minute Consultation with Sarah. Sarah will give advice and a strategy all wrapped up in your own Personalised Action Plan! We will show you where to start, what to do and why plus what storage will work to get this room under control


* 30 minute kick off video call

* Personalised Action Plan

* Shopping List of storage products

* Styling advice & top tips

*If you would prefer more 1-on-1 help then check out our Decluttering & Organising Virtual Sessions