This package is for clients who have more challenging projects or would like more intensive guidance. Work one-on-one with Sarah over several sessions to get a room/ space/ project organised. Sarah will give advice and a strategy including where to start, what to do, why and what storage will work to get this room under control.

How it works: 

  1. Book your Initial 30 minutes video call to discuss and set up the project via link below
  2. Session to declutter, make decisions on what’s to stay and what’s to go, categorising and sorting
  3. Session on re-homing items and new placement, organising tips and styling advice
  4. Suggested shopping list for products tailored for your project is sent out to you
  5. 1 week post design support – email


* Calls are recorded and sent to you to listen back to

* These hours can be broken down into multiple sessions

* If additional hours are needed, they can be added on for €40 for 30 mins