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It’s part three of our new ‘5 Questions Series’ and today we are chatting to Erika Fox from Retro Flame! As we are an organising blog we want to see how other bloggers keep on top of their busy lifestyles and their tips on staying organised! I have been a big admirer of Erika’s blog and her growing success over the years. I know she also loves to organise so I was dying to hear her insight into getting organised! Erika is an Irish fashion and lifestyle blogger currently living in New York.


1. As a busy business owner and influencer what’s your number one tip for staying organised?

Planning everything the day before, so when you wake up you know exactly what’s in store for the day ahead.

2. Do you think being organised has contributed to your success? And if so, how?

110%. I always say luck is when preparation and opportunity meet. When you’re organised, you’re giving yourself a better chance at succeeding.

3. What do you love organising most?

My emails! I have different colour stars for each type of email and I’m always working to keep my inbox as cleared-out and up -to-date as possible.Oh and I’m definitely a little OCD about my wardrobe too!


4. Is there anything you’re absolutely OCD about?

My content schedule – I love to know what’s coming up 2-3 weeks in advance. Since I started doing this, work is a lot more enjoyable and less stressful.

5. What area of your home/ business/ life can you never seem to keep organised?

Replying to my friends/family – I am literally the WORLDS WORST person for keeping in contact. Something I’m really trying to improve this year.

6. What messy habit of your partner/ family member drives you mad?

I hate when someone’s work desk isn’t tidy/organised. I don’t know how they concentrate!?

7. Is there a particular storage solution or business tool that you love to use to keep you organised? Eg: diary/ app/ makeup organiser/ drawer dividers…

I love google drive/calendar – my whole life is in there!!



Erika Fox is a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger currently living in New York City. Her current overall fan-base has now reached over 100,000 followers. Follow her at: 
FB: retroflameblog
T: @retroflame
IG: @retroflame
Snap: @retroflame1
Pinterest: @retroflame
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