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I don’t know about you, but I love learning and getting inspiration on wellbeing, health and routines from other successful people. As I love organising, I wanted to find out who else loves it as much as I do and gain some tips along the way. So we reached out to three other bloggers and business women to see how they keep on top of their busy lifestyles and what tips they have for staying organised! Stay turned over the next three weeks for this three part series and hopefully you’ll gain insight into their business and how organisation really plays a part!

The first in our series, is The Secret Obsession’s creator Aoibhe Devlin!  Aoibhe’s blog is all about fashion, lifestyle and beauty and she lives in Dublin, Ireland. She has a fab instagram to follow along to too…I’m not envious of all those skiing pics, I swear!

Here’s what Aoibhe has to say about getting organised. . .

1. As a busy blogger what’s your number one tip for staying organised?

I have always been a very organised person so that definitely helps. I think being as busy as me, being organised is so important. I mainly use my notes on my iPhone. There isn’t anything special to it really, it just works for me and I find it so handy.

2. What do you love organising most?
I love organising my makeup. When it is all neat and tidy, I am a happy girl. I have a good few clear storage boxes and two clutterboxes which I swear by. The shelves in IKEA are incredible and the dividers are so handy too. I think the white shelves actually look really slick giving my makeup room a really clear feel and look.


3. Is there anything you’re absolutely OCD about?
I am OCD about ironing my clothes. I won’t leave the house with creased clothes. My fiancee laughs at me so much but my dad brought us up to leave the house well presented always and this includes my shoes. I can’t leave the house with dirty shoes. They HAVE to be clean. Even when I am on holidays, I check the wardrobe for an iron the minute I get into my hotel room. So yes that’s OCD right there.

4. What area of your home can you never keep organised?
I can never organise my shoes. It’s a disaster! I just have far too many. I need to get shelves and sort them out. It kills me to see them all thrown in the wardrobe but I can just never get it right. I organise them every maybe 7-8 weeks and no matter what it is guaranteed to be messy within a week. I need to stop buying shoes really 😉

5. What messy habit of your partners drives you mad?
He comes in and could leave a trail of his things from the door everyday. His shoes at the door, his coat thrown on the stairs, his bag in the kitchen, then his hat maybe sitting on the arm chair and it bugs me so much. What is wrong with going to our room, leaving all of his things in one place and coming back down? It’s something so easy and no matter how much I tell him, he just can’t do it.



Thanks Aoibhe!

Happy Organising everyone!

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