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Hi everyone,
Nowadays there are hundreds of photos sitting on our phones and computers. We constantly say we want to get organised and print them but life always seems too busy to get around to it. Recently we were helping one of our clients organise her home and she showed us her incredible photo collection. Her parents had kept photos organised in albums upon albums over the years, all labelled per decade. It was fantastic to see. The client herself was also very organised at printing photos and framing them around the house.

I have been meaning to organise my photos for literally years! I did some travelling in 2009 and while I printed a good few of those, I never really finished that project. So it’s ten years on my mind!

Many of my clients ask me could I help them organise photos as they also have hundreds sitting on a phone and they just never get time to put them into albums or frame them. There will be a generation of kids that don’t know what it’s like to flick through photo albums!


So I’m launching the Organised Chaos Photo Organisation Project and I hope you’ll join me. Starting in September, I’m dedicating at least one hour per week over the Winter and by Christmas I hope to have photos in albums and at least one gallery wall up in my apartment.

Who’s with me?

{All images: https://www.instagram.com/photosbydavy/}

From 1st September to 20th December there is sixteen weeks to put some shape on our photographic past! 😃

I’ve decided I’m going to break it down into three phases as follows:

Phase 1 – September

Clear up photos on computer and off phone
Start to go through folders to choose photos to print
Go through chosen photos and decide what sizes I want to print them at

Phase 2 – October

Finalise photos to print and sizes to print them at
Print all photos
Choose frames and albums to buy

Phase 3 – November/ December

Buy frames and albums
Fill albums
Fill frames and install around apartment

So now that I’ve put it out here, I better stick with it. If you’re going to join me, let me know on my Instagram @organisedchaosireland and use the tag #OCphotoproject

It’ll be so lovely to look back over memories and who doesn’t love a fabulous gallery wall!

Happy Organising!

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