My most organised holiday ever!


Two weeks ago, myself and Pierre took off on a lil’ trip to the US. We holidayed for a bit in New York City before heading to Chicago on business.

NYC was, of course, great fun! I’ve been there a few times before and I always really enjoy the city! And yes, the buzz, lights, sights and sounds of New York are so much fun and exciting…but what I really love is when I get to visit The Container Store!

I LOVE this place. FULL to the brim of every possible product you might need to organise. IKEA wouldn’t even come close to this place. I spent a bit of time pottering around, studying their products and of course I had to buy a few things to try out. I can’t wait to try them all out and as I do, I’ll be posting all about them here!


More organising themed fun came with our next stop to Chicago!

The aim of our visit to Chicago was to attend the International Home and Housewares Show. This is one of the largest trade shows in the United States and is full to the brim of new products for all areas of the home – inside and out. It also shows the most up to date consumer lifestyle and product trends.

I went to look at the ‘contain’ segment of the show. These products deal with storage and organisation in the home. The ‘contain’ area was only one part of the show & it was huge! And yep, there were a few hundred products or so to check out!



Every organisational problem in the home you can think of had a corresponding product to help you deal with it! From drawer dividers for the bedroom, to shelf stackers for the kitchen and an array of office products. We can get some of these products in Ireland of course, but not all, and the sheer choice here was amazing!

However, it wasn’t just all work for us. While I was wandering about, I spotted a familiar face among the crowd. It was none other than Peter Walsh! Peter Walsh is a clutter expert and organizing consultant. But he’s not just any organizing consultant – he’s Oprah’s consultant! He has appeared many times on the Oprah Winfrey show speaking about well…what I speak about! Organising! He has his own show, and has featured on many US and Australian talk shows from the Today Show to Rachel Ray! So as an Organiser myself, it was fantastic to meet him and have a chat! A real nice, down to earth guy!



I also met another Professional Organiser while I was there – Alejandra Costello from She organised a Meet Up for some of us Organisers while we were all in Chicago. If you haven’t seen any of Alejandra’s organising from some of her videos that I’ve put up on my facebook than you should get to it! She’s fantastic and it’ll really inspire you to organise a few areas of your home. It was great to meet her and we had a great chat – you can probably guess about what!



So on our American holiday, I completely overdosed on all things organising (yet still wanted more!)! And while I did also manage to see some of the sights too, I made sure I left plenty to see…just so that I’ll have to go back!






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