IKEA Hack: Brightening up Office storage!



Recently I bought the KVISSLE letter tray from IKEA for my office. I have some paper documents that I need regular access to, and this tray looked like it would work well.

The only thing about it was that I didn’t like the cork board on each of the shelves. I really didn’t want to be looking at that, so I thought I would spruce it up with an IKEA hack!




I picked up some gorgeous paper from Eason’s one day and set about covering up the cork board.

With fancy paper and prittstick in hand, I measured out the paper and stuck it over the cork board. It was as easy as that to make the letter tray a little prettier to look at!




Once that was done, I added some clear labels onto the outside for each of the different documents I wanted to store there.




I stocked it up and placed it in my office.




And that was it! A really quick and easy DIY Ikea hack that brightened up otherwise dreary office storage.


Happy Organising!



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