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Hi everyone, I hope you are continuing to stay well during this time. What a strange time it is. Recently, we launched our new Online Services so that we could continue to help and support you with your organisation and time management projects virtually. As this is new and online work can be a bit daunting and you’re not exactly sure what exactly you’re going to get for your money, we thought we’d answer a few questions to help you decide if it’s for you or not!

Q: What do I get when I sign up for a One Hour Session?

Answer: This includes a 60 minute coaching call with me. We get a lot covered in this hour. These sessions can be very powerful and almost like a therapy session! I offer guidance and expertise on anything you feel you are stuck with from time to schedules, decisions – what to keep, what to let go of, to a specific room or area that you need extra help with. You will be left with more clarity on what you should be working on now, next, how and why. We will also supply you with your recording of the session and some ‘homework’. Book in here!

Q. What do we get with the 1 Room Program

Answer: This package is for clients who have more challenging projects or would like more intensive guidance. For example, you might want to work on your home office, or a spare room or a utility room. Or you might be struggling with productivity and would like guidance on your schedule and how to manage your time. Over several sessions we build a strategy that you follow. We arrange ‘homework’ and have check-ins while also continuing with the strategy so that you are working away on the challenge and getting it under control. For rooms, we’ll also advise on storage and for time management, we’ll have some free resources to send you! Book in here!

“I would just like to say thank you for your help. Your help really has changed my life. I can now spend my spare time doing the things I love rather than constant chores tidying and clearing. It more than helped, I so wish I had of done it sooner, it was just such a burden and it really weighed me down, the constant fear a guest would open the room door thinking it was the bathroom by mistake and I was afraid someone would discover my “secret”. My former clutter room is now a room for yoga, meditation, reading and relaxation.
CM, Wexford

Q: Have you helped other people online before?

Answer: Absolutely! Our online service has been around a while, we just didn’t advertise it as we were focussed on our in-person work. We have helped clients in Ireland, Canada, France, Abu Dhabi. We organised an office in Canada. In Cork, we helped remodel and advise on storage for a renovated kitchen and utility. In Abu Dhabi we helped them move into their new apartment. Back to Canada again, we helped with motivation, schedules and the kitchen space. A recent client said of her session:

“With the first words Sarah spoke, I felt an opening to the feelings  I’ve been pushing away, and by the end of our call, I felt empowered, energized and kindly supported in my ability to transform my mess.”  
JK, Canada

Q: I’m on a limited budget, can I really do much with one hour?

Answer: Yes! Generally, we have a good idea what we need to do, but it just helps to get some outside advice to push us on. Organisers offer great motivation, inspiration and practical help. We know what you should work on first to make you feel better, get started and therefore continue! So after one hour, you’ll feel better, motivated and have a plan.

Q: I really only need advice on storage, can you help with that?

Answer: Of course! We love storage. We can either advise over our one hour sessions. And the 1 room program includes discussing and creating your personalised storage shopping list. If you have recently remodelled and want us to plan your storage according to architect plans, we can do this but it’s charged separately. Please email us and we’ll give you a quote.

Q: How does the Online Call work?

Answer: We use Zoom Conferencing. If you are on your phone or iPad you download the APP. Or on a computer/ laptop you simply log onto We will give you a link and you click that link at your appointment time and you will be brought into a virtual meeting room where I will meet you there!

Q: Do we get anything for free?

Answer: I believe that the services I’m offering here are excellent value for money. All the services require work from me outside the session times with clients so you aren’t just paying me for the time you see me on Zoom. I also have to remove VAT, pay for the online scheduling platform and give a percentage to PayPal before I get paid. I do offer resources – particularly time management resources – when I can and if I feel they’ll help you. I’ve been known to even custom make a document for my virtual clients. However, I produce a lot of free content across my blog and social media already. And if you sign up to my newsletter, you get access to our Free Resources page which, again, has checklists that can be downloaded and printed as often as you like for free!

Q: How do we book in?

Answer: You simply click here and choose the service you want. Then you will be brought to an area to choose the time you want. Make sure to check the correct time zone box. For the 1 hour session, you’re booking your hour slot obviously. For the 1 Room Program, you’re booking your 30 minute introductory coaching call and all other sessions will be booked in person with you. Then you will be asked for payment. And that’s it. You will receive an email from us with your link to Zoom for the coaching call.

So let’s do it! Book in & I’ll see you on Zoom!

Happy Organising!


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