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With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d share a gift guide for the Organiser – or wannabe Organiser – in your life! Whether the person in your life loves organising or whether you’d like to inspire them to organise, we’ve got you covered with these must have’s. The below are some of the essentials of an Organiser loves to have! And as always, remember when you’re buying these three rules:

  1. Only buy what you need
  2. One In, One Out
  3. Know where it’s home is before you buy
A gift guide for the wannabe Organiser in your life!

1. The Perfect Planner

If we got to get our lives together, we need to write it down! We love the simplicity & colours of Leuchtrumm1917. They do notebooks and planners!

2. Organised Office  

We love these boxes from BIGSO for brightening up an office. They are sturdy, effective and beautiful.

3. Labelling Queen

If you’re going to get organised, you have to get a label maker – it’s kinda the rule! The P-Touch from Brother is our go-to!

4. Organised Car

I haven’t got one of these yet, but I need to! I love these car visor organisers for keeping the things you need in the car at arm’s reach – especially the sunglasses (I’m forever losing those!)

5. Organised Travelling

These packing cubes are beautiful and practical. Keep everything you need for your travels organised inside these cubes and then easily unpack at your destination by transferring the cubes from the case to the drawers!

6. Organising Book

The book that outsold Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up in Ireland, featured on, and five-star reviews on Amazon, my book ‘Organised – Simple Tips to Declutter your House, your Schedule and your Mind’ – will take you through your mind around clutter, your time management to get work done and into every room in your home!

7. Organised Help

If you really can’t – or don’t want – to go it alone, we are here to help! If you know someone who’s dream it is to have an organised wardrobe or feel better within their home, a voucher for our services may be what you need. Have a chat with us first though, as the service isn’t for everyone. Contact us here and we can arrange a voucher for all or part of service cost.

8. Organised Beauty

To organise your beauty products and makeup, these containers will keep your cosmetics organised, you’ll be clearly able to see everything and they’re stackable, so they can build with your collection!

9. Glam stationery

I mean, this stapler😍 And there’s matching cellotape holder and hole punchers too! They’re practical, will keep you organised and fit in with your décor.

Happy Organising!

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