7 Pieces of Storage to Organise Christmas Décor


Every year I’m asked what’s the best storage to organise Christmas décor. Unfortunately, I’m usually asked this in January when people are taking down their tree and by that stage it’s too late – the storage is gone from the shops. If you need or want new storage for decorations, you need to be buying it now.

If you saw my latest You Tube video where we made-over a client’s Christmas collection, you will have seen an array of storage used. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here – it’s a good one! And I thought I’d share here what exactly was used as it might be helpful to you.

Tree bag

For artificial trees, take the tree out of the box and use a tree storage bag instead. You can either get bags or plastic boxes for trees, but I much prefer bags, as they have much more give it them, plus they are malleable so can fit into more spaces.

Wreath bags

An essential storage bag for Christmas. You can actually use these for more than wreaths. I’ve used them for any large or bulky Christmas decoration that could fit inside them basically!

Wrapping paper

Perhaps you would use this for all your wrapping paper and gift wrap items, or you may have so much Christmas gift wrap that you dedicate one of these solely to that. Either way, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need, when you need it with one of these. They are large though, so for everyday use rather than once a year, it could be tricky to find a home for it – bear that in mind.

Standard boxes large

Of course, good sturdy boxes will protect all your decorations for the few months they’re in storage. Get matching ones so that you recognise the type of box as Christmas storage. Matching ones will also stack better, allowing you to store them more effectively.

If you would like your boxes on wheels, these boxes are excellent.

Standard box long

A very handy box if you have any sort of foliage décor or any décor that’s long and thin!

Ornament box

For these boxes you can either use the dividers for the ornaments and baubles or take the dividers out and place them directly inside – up to you and the space they take up. Here’s a different version – this one is my one. You can’t take the dividers out in this one. I’ve found it brilliant!

Light box

Prevent your lights from getting tangled up each year with one of these boxes. Wrap the lights around the divider and pop them in the box.

Make it a Christmas miracle to have all your decorations easy to pull out and easy to pack up again for next year! Getting ready for Christmas when everything is organised makes this time of year more enjoyable and less stressful for you!

Happy Organising!

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