DIY simple & cute storage solution boxes!


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Jen Jones who runs the I Heart Organizing blog has some of the most fantastic organising projects on the go and her attention to detail is incredible. If you love organising or want to get more organised, you should follow her blog….after you subscribe to ours that is! 🙂

I stumbled across a post she had uploaded on how to make your own storage boxes. Now, I’m not the world’s best at arts and crafts, but this tutorial looked fool proof and the results looked great, so I said I’d give it a go.

So while himself watched some Indiana Jones movie, I tried to ignore the gore and made some pretty boxes.


Title photo-storage-boxes


I followed Jen’s tutorial, which you can read HERE, and it really was very simple to follow (because of her attention to detail of course!).

Lo and behold, after a few minutes I’d made my first bosca! Wa-hey! I know you may think I’m getting overly excited about a box, but really I do not consider myself good at crafts AT ALL, so the fact it actually worked first go is pretty exciting for me! To make sure it wasn’t beginner’s luck, I made a second. That worked too! So by the time I thought about adding my embossing stamp into this little project, I was practically giddy. I initialled the inside of the plain coloured boxes just to add a little extra something to them and to personalise them. I think they look quite pretty!




Then with my creativity in full swing, I didn’t want to just stick with coloured card, so I looked around for other paper. My eyes fell upon a Marie Claire Maison magazine which had a nice yellow colour running through it’s front cover design. So I ripped it off and started folding. Turns out magazine cover paper is actually quite sturdy! Who knew! I love how this one turned out…




A few days later, I bought myself some more card and made a larger sized box.




Now I have to think where I am going to use them. They are a great, simple storage solution. There are lots of different ways you can use these.




For me, I think they may go into my desk drawer in my office for some of my stationary. I’ll keep you posted!

Why not try them out yourself? Jen’s tutorial is HERE  for you to follow.

It’s a great little project to do with kids and it will teach them good organisation habits too when you go to use them next time you are decluttering!

Let me know how you get on in the comment box below!

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