Family Organisation Checklists

Weekly Schedule
Weekly Schedule

Hi everyone,

As we face into another week of this crazy Corona virus, with kids off school and most working from home, we thought we’d help you out with the organisation of your time. And what better way than with a few checklists.

And call us crazy, but we thought the kids could give a hand cleaning up, so we’ve created a chore chart too! Chores are a great way to keep them occupied and saves you having to do it all.

So we’ve bundled up a weekly schedule and a chore chart together to create this downloadable for you! It’s free to download and print out.

Family organisation checklist bundle

At Organised Chaos, we truly believe the key to success is time management. So with our Weekly Schedule we break down the days by hours. Into those blocks fill in what the kids are going to do, what work you need to do, appointments (that are ongoing), exercise and cleaning to keep the house ticking over now that it’s a much busier hub! Quick tip – don’t fill in every block. Leave some white space – let the day breath and give yourself contingency time.

With the Chore Chart, fill in the family members name to the left and their corresponding chores in the next box. Not all chores need to be done every day, so place the relevant day in brackets beside it. Then use the tick boxes every day to check that it’s done.

Chore Chart

Feel free to print off these checklists every week. We hope you find them useful. In my book, I speak about the importance of routines. People think they are restrictive, but in fact they set you free. It’s only when you lose your routine that you realise how important they are. Now, it’s up to you to maintain a certain level of routine. Your weekly schedule is the tool you need to do this.

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Happy Organising! Stay safe!


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