Garden tools sorted for summer!


There’s always lots to organise in a garden – for the garage to a garden shed, a greenhouse to all the equipment you need. Today it’s all about one branch of garden organisation – garden tools. For what’s a garden without its’ tools….well a messy one I guess!

So no more rusting tools, or stepping on a rake – let’s nip that in the bud and sort out your shovels and spades.

We’ve had a root around the web and have rounded up some great ideas for organising your garden tools that you are going to dig! ….oh dear… let’s just start, shall we…


Seriously, how pretty is this! Garden of Eden kind of organising here and all it is, is a few hooks…


garden tools organised





Killing three birds with one stone here – gardening, organising and up-cycling all in one!




A quick trip to Woodies and grab some PVC piping to recreate the below. Garden tools all lined up and ready to be used! Don’t forget the labelling!



Happy Organising!

Sarah xoxo

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