Home Projects in 2024


Today as I was cleaning the apartment, I made my list of home projects I want to do in 2024 which I thought I’d share. What would you like to get done in your own home this year? I always think it’s a good idea to take a short time out and write it all down in a checklist. From here, you can actually make more concrete plans to get these things done instead of just talking about it. Let’s get organised & productive!!!


Recently, I had a Time Management client who I was coaching. She has an extremely busy job, a lot of responsibilities and pressure plus leading a team of twenty people. We were working together to help her manage her time better as it was getting somewhat overwhelming. She also had some health issues and sick parents in another part of the country, all of which needed to be factored into her time. However, where I started in our coaching was by asking her what was she doing for HERSELF? Outside work and family responsibilities – what about her? Where was SHE in all of this? What did she REALLY want to get done. She mentioned a few home projects that she’d love to do but had been on the back burner for literally months. So this is where we started. Because believe it or not, feeling better in ourselves, will only go to help us manage things better at work. We did exactly as I’m suggesting for you here. Make a list of everything you’d like to do in the home. Where do you need someone else to come in and help you? And what can you do yourself? Which jobs require some research? Or perhaps a trip to a few interior shops? It all starts with a list. If you’d like help with your time management or home organisation through our virtual sessions, you can read more about it here and if it sounds like something that could help you, simply reach out to me here.

Back to my own home, here are the list of jobs I’ll be working on this year. And hopefully it won’t even take that long!


Replace bathroom drawers / storage


Hang frames & pictures
New bedside lockers
Re-organise bed linen
New bed linen
Re-organise wardrobes


Organise hotpress
Organise hall cupboard

Spare room:

Colour code books
Buy new office/ paperwork storage & organise that
Declutter desk drawers
Replace office chair
Declutter coats
Hang some artwork
Re-style deskspace

Living room:

Replace table & chairs
Hang artwork
Organise cabinets
Buy nicer pots for my plants


Complete declutter and re-organise all kitchen cupboards
Clean & declutter tops of cupboards

So a good bit to do, but looking forward to getting stuck in. I want to know exactly where everything I own is and have homes well set up for everything. Now that there is two of us living here and hence, more stuff in the space, I want to really ensure we only have exactly what we need and that the space is comfortable and easy to live in and use.

Happy Organising everyone!

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