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This post is adapted from a post I did a few years ago. However, all the tips are still useful as we tackle our bedrooms this month. Today it’s all about the wardrobe!

Do you dream of a walk in closet? A perfectly organised wardrobe of clean lines and colourful clothes?


But instead you are faced with a dull, dark and disorganised mess. Mismatched hangers that are all caught up, doors that won’t close over and clothes that fall off the hangers onto the wardrobe floor.

You can never find that dress or shirt that you just know are in the depths of your wardrobe somewhere. It’s full of clothes that shouldn’t be there but you dread the idea of clearing it out. You avoid it at all costs and really just use a fraction of the clothing you own, sticking with clothes that are easily accessible.

Struggling and fighting with your wardrobe can cause us more stress than we realise. Think about it. If you are starting every morning pulling clothes out on top of you just to find something, or you reach for a dress and five other hangers are pulled out along with it. That’s just plain annoying. How is that a good start to your day? You’re already frustrated five minutes after getting out of bed.

And no wonder you don’t bother putting anything away at night. Who after a long, hard day wants to fight with their closet? Apparently we’re not supposed to go to bed angry!


Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want any hassle…I just want to get dressed! And so the process of wading through the wardrobe to choose an outfit needs to be as easy as possible. And that requires some organisation which is going to involve sorting through & throwing out some clothes!

With that in mind, here’s how to unhook and unzip yourself from the disorganisation!

  1. Sort 

As you go through your clothes, sort them out according to season and function. Use your bed to spread out on.

On one side of the bed, put your winter clothes and on the other your summer clothes. Each season will then be divided by type of clothing or function.



For instance:

By Type:





Trousers etc.


By Function:





Casual etc.

Now some people say you can organise by colour, and if you feel like it, go for it! However, I think this takes a lot of time and I’m guessing you don’t have much of that, so I think just get the wardrobe organised and worry about colour later!

Also, when you arrange by colour, sometimes it can be difficult to actually see each article of clothing. For example, I did it for all my black clothes – but then I couldn’t see the tops from the jumpers. So I changed that. Sometimes, you can over organise!

You don’t have to do it perfectly, you just have to get the wardrobe to a functioning level whereby you can easily get at your clothes & easily put them back.

2. Throwing Out 

Deciding what clothes to keep or throw out can be as painful a task as walking home in high heels after a night out.


Keep these questions in mind as you forage through your fashion…

1. When did I wear it last?  – If you can’t remember, then it’s been too long!

2. Do I really think it will come back into fashion? – and if it does will I want it!

3. If I were out shopping right now, would I buy it again?

4. Is it worth the space it’s taking up in my wardrobe?

The following are total no brainers and should be thrown out without a second glance…

1. Any clothing that is damaged and can’t be repaired

2. Any clothing that is stained or discoloured and can’t be cleaned

3. Anything without it’s match – shoes, socks, gloves, swimming armbands etc.

4. Old tights, pop socks and underwear

Also, items such as children’s toys, books, cd’s, stationary etc. do not belong in your wardrobe. Take them out and if you are not throwing them away, re-home them. The only things that should be in your wardrobe are any items that help you dress.

Furthermore, try the clothes on if you need to. It will make the organising process that little bit longer, but it might make the decision of what to keep and what to throw out that bit easier for you. So I always think trying clothes on while organising is a good idea. Provided you have the time. Be realistic with the time you are giving to this decluttering task!

And finally, for the future, consider placing a donation bag at the bottom of your wardrobe. This can be a paper bag or a small laundry bin – whatever is convenient for you and the space in your wardrobe. Over the next while, any clothing you come across that you don’t want, like, or can’t fit into anymore and you would like to donate, toss it into this bin. When it’s full, take it straight out for donation and replace the bag with a new empty one.


For more tips on organising the wardrobe, check out my videos here and here. These videos are task orientated with a time limit – so you can declutter your wardrobe with a deadline in mind!

Plus! If you’re in the Dublin area, I’m holding a workshop on Home Organising which includes a demonstration on how to organise the wardrobe. Tickets and details are here!

Happy Organising !

Signature by Sarah Reynolds, the founder of Organised Chaos, Ireland’s #1 organisation expert providing professional Home and Office organising and decluttering services in Dublin, Ireland, and Virtual Organising services worldwide!

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