New Checklist! Daily Cleaning Checklist!


Hi everyone!

For Spring Cleaning this year, a checklist to help you with your cleaning routines around the home!

Today is the first one. It’s a Daily Cleaning checklist. There are a number of tasks listed that most homes need to do every day. There’s also some blank spaces for you to add in your own jobs.

Checklists are very handy to keep around the home or office. By writing down the tasks you have to do regularly, it takes them out of your head. You have it in front of you exactly what you need to do. This saves you having to either think of it or worry about forgetting something.

It’s also really encouraging and motivating to be able to check off what you’ve got done.

This is an interactive PDF, so that means when you download it, you can type directly onto it. You can then either save it on your computer, or print it off as many times as you like.

To access the new FREE checklist just log on with your password and you can download it now!

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Hope you enjoy the checklist!

Happy Organising!

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