Show your Home some Love !




This Valentine’s day, why not treat yourself and show your home some love with these pretty things! These storage solutions are sure to keep you and your home beautifully organised!


Put a Ring on it

I heart White + Gold + Black and this tray from Kate Spade makes my heart skip a beat! Perfect for when you take your jewellery off at the end of the day!

Odds and Ends, Square Tray, Daisy Place

$42 / €36

Buy here:


Box of Delights


BIGSO boxes are simply gorgeous. Choose them for holding the special memories of the one you love – the cinema ticket from your first date, old Valentine’s cards, love letters, or photographs !



From €8.45 – €29.95

Buy here:


Madly in love


Does your lover lover drive you mad dropping his keys and change everywhere as he empties his pockets? Sort him out and style up your hallway in one with these divine leather change trays from Hermes. Pricey, but oh so pretty!



Available here: Hermes, Brown Thomas, Dublin


Fall in love!

It’s Valentines, so the only thing that should be falling is your heart. Stop anything else falling to the floor with a handy hook. They are the easiest storage solution you can choose. And these coat hooks from Irish furniture company, Snug, are simple and simply lovely!

House Coat -Hooks


From €15

Buy here:


Love notes


Use these lovely chalk boards to write loving messages to each other….or if we climb off cloud 9 for a second, on a more practical note…the grocery list/ this week’s appointments/ family to do list… Chalk boards are really handy for your home organisation, as you can easily wipe and change them as needs be, plus they’re much nicer to look at than a boring cork noticeboard.


Cream Heart Chalk Board



Buy here: Not on the High Street


Happy Valentine’s Day!





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