Spring Organising Series: Week 1: Getting Started: Your turn!


Yesterday, I shared with you my tips on how to get started on any organising job in your home. Good preparation before you begin will make the job a lot easier.

If you are following our series, next week I’ll be dishing the dirt on how to declutter a kitchen. But for now, you need to get yourself ready.

Your task

  • Put together your own organising tools that will help you sort out your kitchen.
  • Factor in time to give your kitchen it’s ‘surface clean’ so that you are ready to get stuck in & organise it next week!
  • Choose the space you are going to use to spread out the contents of your kitchen cupboards. Whether you’re using your kitchen table, your desk or the floor of your spare room, allocate time this week to tidy up those areas too so that you have room to work next week.


Later on in the week, I’ll share some of my favourite tools that help me stay organised!


Happy Organising!








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