Spring Organising Series: Week 3: Organising the Toys: Your turn!



So this week, why not play around with some toy room organisation…

Your task

15 minutes organising:

  • Make labels – either written or take photos – remember to get them developed!
  • Place labels on storage

1 hour organising:

  • Organise children’s drawings – choosing which ones you’ll throw out and which ones you’ll keep.
  • Place drawings in a designated folder or art pouch and label with your child’s name.
  • Place drawings up on display – on fridge/ noticeboard etc.

2 hour organising:

  • Choose a toy/ a press/ a section of floor and spend this good chunk of time  organising the toys there.

4 hour organising:

  • Shop for new storage – remember to know what toys you are buying storage for & measure presses and cupboards beforehand!
  • While you’re out, get your photo labels developed.

Daily Evening Tasks:

  • Bring the days toys together
  • Place into storage bins
  • Tidy up computer games and related wiring and consoles
  • Go through any drawings & file or display
  • Clear floor spaces


Happy Organising!






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