Spring Organising Series: Week 4: Organising the Wardrobe: Your turn!



This week, we’re gonna show our clothes and wardrobes some love…

Here are some ways you could use your time to organise your wardrobe and clothes…



Your task


15 minutes organising:

  • Organise your jewellery or
  • Organise your nail varnish or
  • Organise your belts or
  • Organise your underwear or
  • Hang up your clothes & put away shoes or
  • Research cute storage for your newly organised wardrobe!

 1 hour organising:

  • Bring clothes you have decided to throw out to charity

2 hour organising:

  • De-clutter wardrobe cubbie holes or
  • De-clutter wardrobe rail or
  • De-clutter shoes or
  • De-clutter handbags or
  • De-clutter accessories

4 hour organising:

  • De-clutter for three hours and use the last hour to put things back in the wardrobe and re-organise it’s layout.

Daily evening tasks:

  • Hang up all clothes
  • Put away jewellery
  • Close doors and presses when finished



Happy Organising!







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