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As it’s Easter, you may be having a big family dinner for the day and so I thought I’d share some of my tips on tableware organisation for entertaining! We’re also a few months past Christmas now, so a good time to check back in with your “entertainment zone” and make sure it’s stocked up and organised – or set one up if you don’t have one. Whether it’s Sunday roast with the family, or a big Christmas feast, having items that you use for entertaining all organised and ready to go makes the process of hosting easier, and more enjoyable. I personally, love setting a table – having done so since I was a kid – it was always my job!

This is one of my favourite ‘zones’ to help my clients recreate. So for your own home, let’s look at the items that make up this category:

Items in this category:







Wine openers
Cocktail sticks / straws
Cocktail making accessories
Napkin holders
Matches / lighters
Table cards
Table décor


               Various sizes
               Candle holders

Now, once you gather those items together and give them a good declutter so you’re only keeping exactly what you need and will use, we have to give everything a home.

Designate one area – eg: a cabinet – for all your good glassware, china, delf, serving dishes, canteens of cutlery etc. You may decide to have one cabinet for glass and another for dishes.

Designate one area – eg: a drawer – for all your table linen and napkins.

Designate one area – eg: a drawer or a container on a shelf – for all accessories

Serving dishes can be a large category. They are also a variety of shapes and sizes. And often quite delicate. I would keep anything made of china separate and ideally with the china set they below to. For other dishes, you may with to sub-divide into “used most often” / “Christmas only” / “used less often” for example.

If all these items can be homed in one cabinet then even better so that this cabinet becomes your “entertaining zone”. For example, some of my clients have a lovely big cabinet and our team helps them organise this so that they have everything in there and to hand. Ideally it will be located close to the dining table for easy access. However, like myself you might have to have break it up a little. I have this lovely cabinet as my drinks cabinet which homes some of my ‘bar’, and various glasses. Plus it has my China delf and my decorative table plates.

Then in another drawer I have the napkins and tablecloths and mats in with the tea-towels.

In another area I have all of my candles, votives and candlesticks together. I just love to have all the tableware organisation ready for entertaining.

Why not take a look at the tableware organisation in your home. Whether you’re preparing a nice family dinner, Sunday roast or seasonal event, it’s great to have everything you need close to had and then using these items in preparation can become an enjoyable part of hosting!  

Happy Organising!

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