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This month we’re going to be focussing on business and office organisation. So if you have a busy business, have a home office or simply have a lot of paper to sort through, then stay tuned to the blog this month.

First up, I’m going to re-visit a video that deals with your incoming post. Paper can get out of control very easily, and as it’s one of the most difficult things to get organised, it’s really important to stay on top of it as often as you can. There are many different “categories” of paper from bills, household manuals, art work, school notes to paper used for arts and crafts etc. Paper is everywhere.

In spite of technology, we are still drowning in paper. You need to stop it getting in through your hall or office door as best you can. So don’t accept paper into your hands unless you absolutely need it. And then when it does come into your home or office, try to deal with it as soon as it does. Get rid of rubbish paper and cardboard, throw out old notes, make good decisions on the school and artwork you want to keep for the kids.

All those habits will reduce paper and stop it building up so quickly.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Happy Organising!

Signature by Sarah Reynolds, the founder of Organised Chaos, Ireland’s #1 organisation expert providing professional Home and Office organising and decluttering services in Dublin, Ireland, and Virtual Organising services worldwide!


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