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Hi everyone,

We’re back with another organising video today!

Our last video series ended at the end of January with the 21 Days to Get Organised video series. It was a great success and I hope you enjoyed it. It’s always up there on my You Tube channel, so now that we’re into Spring Cleaning season, if you’re looking for motivation to tackle some organisation around the house, then click over to my channel and dip in and out of the videos there!

In today’s video, I show you how I transformed a tiny room for a recent client. This room, was essentially what we’d call a boiler room. It held the heating for the house. It had never been fully finished when the house was being built. The walls weren’t painted, the shelves were very old and it really had become a dumping ground for anything and everything!

We started by emptying out completely. We looked at everything we pulled out and got rid of quite a bit. The items to stay were:

  • Shoes
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Shopping bags
  • Utility items – such as hoover, brush, mop, mop bucket
  • Stock overflow from the kitchen – such as excess toilet paper, kitchen paper, tissues etc.

Once we knew what we were going to keep, and keep in there, I was able to plan out the space.

The room was painted and new shelves purchased. In a small room, white is the best colour – it will make the room appear bigger. Lots of different hooks were bought too. With such a small floor, using the walls was essential. So that’s where the hooks were going to come in. Get as much off the floor and onto the shelves and hooks as possible!

There were lots of shoes, so I got a solution custom built for the client. We counted up how many shoes we were keeping. And taking the widest pair, the cubby holes for the shoes were measured and built. I love this shoe storage! It’s so pretty, it makes the shoes – which are essentially dirty work shoes – look neat!

The curtain we also made ourselves with some fabric I bought. I used a copper pipe to hold the curtain. There are many copper pipes running into the heating and it would’ve been a huge job to cover those. So instead we worked with them and used them to our advantage as a design feature.

Once all that was done, we put everything back in and back together! Check out below the results!

Enjoy! And please let me know what you think!



If you have trouble viewing it within this blog post, click over to my You Tube channel here to see it!

Happy Organising!

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