5 Ways to Organise your Wardrobe


So it’s that time of the year where you need to organise your wardrobe. Seasons are changing, you need to swap out the clothes and besides…it’s a mess. Does that sound like you? Because it sure sounds like my wardrobe. It has been hanging over me for ages and now that this month’s organising theme is “The Wardrobe” I have one month to follow the plan I created for you and do it myself! Who’s in?

In case you didn’t see it, I have created a project for each month of the year. This allows us to really get our teeth into a space but has a deadline of four weeks to focus our minds and get it done. This month – the wardrobe! Have a read back over the post here.

In order to get the wardrobe more organised, I’m going to try update a few pieces of storage for myself as I do it. When each of our clients decide to book with us, they get a Personalised Storage List as part of the package. This is where, by using photos, videos and sometimes measurements, I choose storage that I feel the space really needs. It includes links to the exact storage solution you need, which shop to find it and the quantities I think you need. I often give multiple shop options so you can decide which shop is easiest to get to. I also offer a Storage Shopping service where if you’re stuck for time, I can do the shopping for you. This, in my opinion, is worth it’s weight in gold, as I know exactly what I’m looking for, often pick up extra bits that I didn’t see online and best of all, you don’t have to bother so it’s saving you time and hassle! But this month, for my wardrobe, I’m going to shop for myself and I thought I would share five ways I’m going to organise my wardrobe and give it a bit of a makeover.

  1. New Hangers

As I’m in an apartment, I’m stuck for space, and so I have slimline hangers for most of my clothes. These are such a space saver. Plus they are just excellent for holding the clothes properly on the hanger. But for some of my clothes and all of my coats I use wooden hangers. This month I’m going to swap out my current ones for nice white ones in IKEA instead and brighten up the inside of the wardrobe.

2. New bedside lockers

Ok with this, we’re now moving away from the wardrobe and into the main room but I think it’s needed. Firstly, bedside lockers are badly needed from a practical point of view. I used to have floating shelves next to the bed, but my cat Elmo jumped on one, ripped it off the wall and I decided not to put it back up. While fixing the hole in the wall and repainting the room, I took the other one down. So I need to get lockers. These lockers will then help my underwear and string top situation which has got out of control. So in order to fix one category of clothing, a large storage purchase is needed here. I think I need more drawer space, but I’m leaning towards this one from Zara Home.

3. Memory Boxes

At the top of my wardrobes, I have some boxes for my precious sentimental items that I want to keep. Items such as tickets to Broadway shows I’ve been to, ornaments that my granny gave, memories from past relationships ….that sort of thing. However, the boxes are small and mis-matching. So I’m going to sort that out. I love these ones from Amazon.

4. Checking out the other wardrobes

My boyfriend and I are hoping to start living together very soon, and so I have to make space in the apartment. In the spare room, the wardrobe there is currently my ‘attic’ space. It used to hold coats. I feel I really need to declutter this spare room wardrobe, move the coats back in and clear space in the main wardrobe for him. This is a huge job and to be honest, a separate project from the master wardrobe. But it is another strategy necessary for sorting the master wardrobe out and I’ll have to consider that too this month!

5. Summer and Winter accessories

Currently my summer and winter accessories are held in these IKEA boxes and that has served me well for years. But honestly, I’m starting to hate the look and plastic-ness of them for the item they are holding. Accessories should be in something pretty I think. Not to mention the fact that the wardrobe should have pretty storage. So I will swap this out as well. I really love these leather canvas storage cases again, from Zara. Or these storage bags from The White Company.

Are you going to work on your wardrobe this month? What is the biggest issue for you when it comes to the wardrobe? Remember, we’re here to help you with it if you don’t want to tackle it alone!

Happy Organising!

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