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Hi Everyone,

Sure look we’re throwing checklists at you this month! And why not?! It’s Spring Cleaning time…let’s get stuck in!

Today’s checklist is a Weekly Cleaning Checklist. I’m thinking this checklist might be one you pull out of a Friday evening or Saturday morning and blitz all the chores so you can relax over the weekend.

You’ve had a full week of work, family, and well…life. The last thing you have time for is household cleaning. And even if you did have time, you resent having to do it.

Enter the checklist. No thinking, just doing. Checklists always help you get things done quicker.

You can print off this checklist and tick off jobs. And you’re left with a clean house and that lovely “I got all this done” feeling.

There are spaces on the checklist to add in anything else you think of that you’d like to include. The checklist, after all, is a guide and you may wish to personalise it or to be more specific with the chores you’d like to do.


If you missed last week’s checklist, that was a Daily Checklist and this is handy to keep the house ticking over throughout the course of the week.

If you don’t want to print either of these checklists off every day or every week, why not consider laminating them? Then using a non-permanent marker, you can tick off the chores and wipe it clean for the following day/ week. Keep them up on the family noticeboard, or on the fridge so they can be easily seen and accessed by everyone in the family.

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Hope you enjoy the checklist!

Happy Organising!

Signature by Sarah Reynolds, the founder of Organised Chaos, Ireland’s #1 organisation expert providing professional Home and Office organising and decluttering services in Dublin, Ireland, and Virtual Organising services worldwide!

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